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Justice is an illusive concept for victims of human trafficking. The chains and shackles of fear keep women enslaved and without a voice. But today a voice of freedom rang out in the courthouse of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Lawyers gathered in the courtroom amidst our brave survivor as her story was recounted, sharing her trafficking experience to a judge and jury. She did what many women fear: stand against her abusers. Thankfully justice prevailed and our strong survivor was able to share bravely about the physical, psychological, and emotional abuse she endured.

The jurors heard her story and the lawyers made their claims. Deliberation painfully waged on as our A21
lawyers anxiously awaited the decision. Back in the courthouse, the verdict was announced to a room of anticipating witnesses.

It was decided. It was clear. It was done. The years of torment and abuse hung in the balance of justice. And justice was served!

We’re wildly excited to announce our FIFTH court case victory. In unprecedented fashion, the courts found the alleged trafficker guilty of trafficking. He was sentenced to 16.5 years in jail without parole, in addition to not being able to appeal his case. His political rights have been vanquished and he was fined 72,000 Euros in penalties.

This is just the beginning. There is a groundswell of hope rising. We are making a difference! For those who partner with us, we appreciate you. We couldn’t do this without you and share this victory in part with you.

The A21 Campaign


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