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University hosts academy!

St. Thomas University hosts human trafficking awareness and training academy!

Academy participants will gain insight into various forms of human trafficking, best practices in addressing this crime, modalities of working with survivors, and ways of partnering with the community to develop a cohesive anti-trafficking strategy.  Upon completion of the training, the Academy’s participants will be able to recognize not only the importance of prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership in facing the trafficking crime, but also of rescue, recovery and reintegration of human trafficking survivors, and will have mastered the tools to do that.

The program, led by Professor Roza Pati, Executive Director of the Law School’s Intercultural Human Rights Program,  consists of ten courses (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) that will be taught by top-level experts, academics and practitioners, who have a long-time experience in working in the field of anti trafficking in persons.


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