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from A21 – Trafficking 101 – It’s a business

A21 – blog series “Trafficking 101”



Sex trafficking is the second largest criminal industry. So what makes it so profitable? Part of the business side of modern slavery is prostitution.

Wait, wait, bear with me. A lot of you will be tempted to roll your eyes at this claim, but let’s take a look:

Japan has made $27 billion dollars from the prostitution industry. Thailand has made 35 billion. One in ten men in the world have purchased a prostitute.

There’s no denying the easy market for such a business. So when someone wants to get in on the cash by pimping girls, he’ll quickly find he makes more money if the girl takes less of the cut. As a matter of fact, he could get all the money if the girl took none of the cut. Therein lies the part where it becomes slavery.

This is happening all over the world. Men are purchasing sex without a second thought, and have no idea the condition of the girl they’re with.

And as more men demand a “fresh” product, the girls get younger and younger. The average age a female becomes a prostitute is 14 years old. In the United States, the average age for a boy to be sold for sex is 12.

And what many fail to process is that even where it is legal, the call girls are often products of their rough past. After being trafficked and told they were worthless for so long, they feel that selling themselves is the only thing they can do well.

But don’t worry, there’s some perks to the job:

  • Average prostitute beat 12 times a year by pimps or clients.
  • Sold about 300 times annually.
  • Taxpayers spend $200,000,000 in court and jail fees to handle traffickers.
  • Long-term physical and emotional damage.

For a long time, trafficking was taboo. Now it’s taboo to connect prostitution to trafficking. People don’t want to hear that. But it’s what’s happening and it’s led to a global epidemic denying millions their freedom.

Understand the demand, and you can stop the supply.


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