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Dance Your Shoes Off For Freedom


Justice is an illusive concept for victims of human trafficking. The chains and shackles of fear keep women enslaved and without a voice. But today a voice of freedom rang out in the courthouse of Thessaloniki, Greece. Lawyers gathered in the courtroom amidst our brave survivor as her story was recounted, sharing her trafficking experience … Continue reading »

Statement from President Obama

STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT ON THE MEETING OF THE INTERAGENCY TASK FORCE TO MONITOR AND COMBAT TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS Nearly one hundred and fifty years ago, in issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, President Abraham Lincoln reaffirmed the commitment of the United States to the enduring cause of freedom.  Then as now, we remain steadfast in our … Continue reading »

Force, Fraud, Coercion

Human Trafficking in the San Francisco Bay Area This special report appears in the Spring 2012 print edition of the Public Press. Stories in the package are on the website. The stories were produced in collaboration with New America Media

Invisible Children’s Real Achievement: There May Never Be Another Rwanda

[Title from Forbes article] If you’ve been under a rock and haven’t seen or heard of #KONY2012, here’s a link. It’s a VERY powerful display of the power of social media. The video has been viewed millions of times in the past few days, when the original goal was only 500,000 views in the year … Continue reading »

Human Trafficking Quiz given at school

Demand a slave-free supply chain!

Very Young Girls (by GEMS)

End Demand!

“27 Million”

Introduced at Passion 2012, Matt and Beth Redman will be part of the European tour based on the song “27 Million”. It was written by a collaboration of artists and based on the true story of girl trafficked from Eastern Europe to the sex trade in London. Christine Caine of A21 was instrumental in the … Continue reading »