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Human Trafficking: The Other 20%

Cameron Conaway explores the global human trafficking of boys & men. “There are many slaves in the sex trafficking battle: The pimps who are slaves to greed, the johns who are slaves to lust, and those who are physically enslaved.” Read more…

from A21 – Trafficking 101 – It’s a business

It’s a business. Sex trafficking is the second largest criminal industry. So what makes it so profitable? Part of the business side of modern slavery is prostitutionJapan has made $27 billion dollars from the prostitution industry. Thailand has made 35 billion. One in ten men in the world have purchased a prostitute. Continue reading »

Brooklyn’s chief sex trafficking prosecutor Lauren Hersh resigns

The chief sex trafficking prosecutor in Brooklyn — who recently came under fire for her handling of a now-crumbling rape case — abruptly resigned this week, sources said Thursday. The pioneering sex trafficking unit was established less than two years ago with Hersh, a practicing lawyer since 2003, at the helm. It led to the … Continue reading »

ROP busts human trafficking gangs

Human Trafficking bust in Oman MUSCAT — The Royal Oman Police (ROP) busted a human trafficking gang in the city of Salalah recently. Salalah Police Station received a tip-off stating that four men of an Asian nationality were running an apartment which the reporter suspected as being used for prostitution. The report, addressed to Salalah Police, stated that … Continue reading »

India ‘most dangerous place in world to be born a girl’

India is the most dangerous place in the world to be born a girl, with females almost twice as likely to die before reaching the age of five, according to new UN figures. The report, which analyses differences between male and female child mortality rates over the last 40 years, reveals that from 2000 to … Continue reading »

Justice for Victims of Sex Trafficking Crimes Act – recently passed in Illinois

[excerpted from http://news.medill.northwestern.edu/chicago/news.aspx?id=201667] Brenda Myers-Powell was 14 going on 15 when she turned her first trick. It was on a warm night in April in 1973, Good Friday to be exact, when she journeyed from her home on the West Side of Chicago to the Mark Twain hotel downtown. Brenda had noticed prostitutes outside her window … Continue reading »

IJM: Because Children Need A Defender

It was in their own home that Magda* and Christina* were in the greatest danger. The sisters’ stepfather, a police officer, started sexually abusing the girls when Magda was 13 years old and Christina was 11. They were terrified into silence—afraid, even, to tell each other about his assaults. But finally, she could not endure … Continue reading »

Very Young Girls (by GEMS)

Run to Rescue

Run to Rescue 5K Thursday, April 26, 2012 Mississippi State Campus Raising funds for the International Justice Mission

Fighting the human trafficking problem in the U.S.

Ways people in the United States are involved in the fight: Baylor Sorority Pajama Party Oklahoma groups offers hot chocolate Nuns help with awareness campaign for local hotels during Super Bowl